Monday, January 4, 2010

It's a new schooling year and with it comes more trouble.
On the very first day of school I am hit by "Go cut your hair it's too long" s*** everywhere. I have cut my hair so that it cannot be any shorter (go ask the hairdresser if you don't believe me) and yet our beloved Nosey Parkers still have the audacity to insist that I cut my hair so that it meets their standards. Well, no thank you. Your standards aren't my standards. Want to know what my standards are? I judge people by their brains and morality, which is more than can be said of you guys. Oh yes, you may go around acting all pious and saying :"We are fair in our judgement of students and don't judge them by their looks!" Well, you can't fool me. I've seen enough of your dirty tactics to be fooled by your pious demeanour. So you think only students with short, short hair are worthy to be called good students? If so, you might as well transform this school into a school for monks and nuns and everybody has to shave their heads bald. Only that way evryone can be a "good student".
But then you claim :"We're only acting according to the school rules! It's your own fault for not obeying them!" Heck, don't you have the authority to change the school rules? It's not like they're set by God and nobody can challenge them! "It's all for your own good" you say? I don't think short hair does anyone any good. Well, except perhaps keeping cool in hot weather. But then, I don't mind! If I'm hot, it's me who suffers and not you. So it's none of your business, dear little busybodies. At this age we ought to have the freedom of choice anyway. How wonderfully cracked in the head our educators are. The older we are, the less freedom we get. In what way, you ask? Well, let me tell you! Small kids in kindy are allowed to dress in what they want to and keep their hair the way they want to. In primary school, they have to wear uniforms and in certain schools keep short hair, but the rules aren't very strict about hair. So long as it looks reasonably short and isn't messy, no one bothers. When you reach secondary school, bang! Your life is shattered into shambles. What with rules about this and about that, and hair only a certain length, and not being allowed to bring liquid paper and presents to school and so on. Hey, idiots, what good are these rules doing us? Don't carry out the old excuse of "It's all for your own good" to every student. We're not so stupid as to blindly believe every word of yours. I think you must all be suffering from a borderline authoritarian personality disorder! In other words, you're a dictator and a mental sadist who loves controlling people and seeing them suffer. In that case, go refer yourself to a psychologist immediately instead of further torturing us. Please. We're not brainless worms or jellyfish, we have the ability to think for ourselves. Obeying the rules set out by you blindly is not a good way to shape the future leaders of this country. Yes, there must be certain rules or chaos will reign, but your rules have gone too far. They're downright demeaning and undermine our ability to think for ourselves. They make us appear like little 3-year-olds who don't know a thing and have to be instructed in everything! Oh yes, we might act like kids sometimes, but are our hair and nails and handphones etc. to blame for that? A person morality doesn't depend on his/her blindly following set rules. Look here, if you really want us to obey your idiotic rules, then give us ample and reasonable explanations for the setting up of each rule. Otherwise, there'll be rebellion. Really big rebellion. What kind of school is this anyway? Freedom of speech, not allowed. Freedom to decide on our appearance, not allowed. Freedom to decide on what's suitable for us (in a limited way), not allowed. If it continues this way, we might be just chickens in a coop waiting for certain slaughter. For chickens can't decide what's going to happen to them. The farmer feeds them, they eat, even if it's poison. (What you say, we absorb without protest). What the farmer says they cannot do, they won't do it. (We blindly obeying instructions). The farmer slaughters them, they die bewildered not knowing what is wrong. ( We being punished for non-existent, and often ridiculous so-called "offences")
What the heck is wrong with the education system?!
Of course, you will say:" If you don't like this school and can't follow it's rules, transfer lah!" Thank you for the kind suggestion. I was thinking of doing just that if conditions don't improve in three months. Why need I remain in this hellhole anyway? Some (not all, there are plenty of teachers who are genuinely concerned about their students) teachers make me feel like a useless freak. The so-called teachers who are supposed to help their students call me ugly. ( There you go, judging people by looks). Damn, damn, and damn. The only reason why I stay in this hellhole is because of friends.If not, I would transferred after just a few months and reported this hellhole to the press for human rights abuse. ( Heck, we can't make even the most basic decisions).
How pitiful we students are. We are nothing...
Except perhaps chickens in a coop.


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Thursday, November 26, 2009

There's nothing much to report here.
This is one of the most boring holidays I've ever had.
Every single day I just sit here in front of the computer and click, click, click away for dear life. Otherwise, there's nothing to do around the house! Oh, I forgot. I have M.a.t.h.s. exercises to finish. Ugh! How I hate this subject. Oh mom, can't you see that holidays are for resting and not for doing horrible, sordid, tortorous, and extremely boring M.a.t.h.s exercises???
I still miss 2A3. I can't get over the fact that it's over...

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Friday, November 20, 2009

It's officially over.
2A3 is finished.
A piece of my heart has been torn away from me.
Boy, did I feel terribly upset when the bell rang for the last time this year! I just couldn't help it and started crying. ( I still feel like it now)
Today's also the last day Wei Kei's gonna spend with us. She's transferring next year for the sake of convenience. God, are we gonna miss her!
There are just so many things I love about 2A3.....Here are some of them.
I miss fooling around with the members.
I miss intentionally mishearing the teachers' talk into dirty language.
I miss teasing Josephine about her and XXX.
I miss Sareeka saying "rubbish" over and over again.
I miss "abusing" Jia Win.
I miss Huimin asking me whether her lips are cracked.
I miss eating in class then hurriedly concealing the food when a prefect came in.
I miss our Science teacher imploring us to be quiet.
I miss joking in Madam Deishi's class.
I miss Minrui helping me to cut my hair just before the spot check. ( I still got caught anyway.)
I miss everyone begging me for sweets.
I miss Mr G's high-pitched shrieks.
And many more....

I still remember the first day I stepped into 2A3. I thought it was gonna be a very boring class where everyone studied all day and never talked to each other. Was I proven wrong! To me, 2A3 is the best class I ever studied in. ( Not in terms of exam results) Everybody in there's helped and supported me such a lot. Here, I would like to thank:
Shiying for helping me to complete Pn. Rani's project.
Yizhuang for helping me to complete Pn. Muniroh's woodwork. ( I'm lazy)
Minrui for helping cut my hair and for helping me to find my comb.
Josephine for defending me from the sluts.
Jiawin for helping me loads....( I can't remember everything, there's too much)
Anybody who's ever lent their homework for me to copy.
Everybody ( especially the members) for stopping me and giving me advice when wanted to commit suicide.

I'll love this class always. It'll forever be etched in my memory.

Our laughter,
Our shared memories.
Our "gila-gila" moments.
Our class......

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hello, everyone! Today, I'm not gonna blog about 2A3 and our soon-to-be seperation (though I do feel horrible about it). Why not? you ask me. Well, my answer is I'm saving the sappy, weepy stuff for tomorrow when I'll feel it the most. Today, I am gonna talk about a certain twit under very thinly-veiled criticism. ( I think only Miss M knows what I'm talking about)

Revised edition of Aesop's famous fable, "Sour Grapes":

A ne'er-do-well in the fox community saw a a grapevine full of ripe grapes. He wished to get at them but was too lazy to. So he sat and complained about how the grapevine was too high for normal foxes to get at and so on. The next day, he say another fox enjoying the grapes he had so dearly coveted. Upon seeing this sight, he screamed and hurled abuse at the fox who had worked hard and used his brain to get the grapes.
What a lovely example of sour grapes!

If any twit is able to guess at what I'm talking about, I'll say this about him/her > Perhaps your IQ, dear twit is zero instead of negative! Good luck guessing...Cheers!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am so not looking forward to the next two days..
The much-dreaded spot check is beckoning! And no, I don't like it at all!
I am now working myself into a cold sweat imagining all the human rights violations that are going to happen to us. I remember the last time we had to be erm, patted felt (or more appropriately, groped)all over to see if we had concealed any contraband items inside our clothing! I am so anti this procedure! Shouldn't it be called molesting?! Plus, the prefects left our stuff all over the place after checking! My bottle was found on someone else's table. Books and pencil cases were scattered everywhere!
Why must we have silly spot checks anyway? It's not like bringing a few contraband items to school or having slightly longer hair and nails than usual will ruin our maralities for ever! Take America! Students there can bring virtually anything (other than weapons) to school and dress in anything they want to! And the result is? A modern, well-developed country that is progressive in everything!Now take a look at our country. There are so many stupid rules that are supposed to" be for our own good". For our own good, my foot! If they are really for our own good, then why is Malaysia less progressed than the US?
I despise spot checks!!!I am gonna complain to Amnesty International!!!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two more precious days left of 2A3.
The worst part of it is, we can't even spend it in our own class. We have to go to DK or Bilik Tutorial whatever and spend it there.
Yesterday was mini-sketch replay! We had to ACT ON STAGE! When I got to school fellow mini-sketch members were like"Ooh, I'm so scared...I've got butterfiles in my stomach...." etc. etc. Surprisingly, I wasn't nervous. After the daily assembly we had to dress up in our respective costumes immediately and actually ENTER THE HALL IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY! It really sucks!
After singing "Negaraku" and the state songs our erm..."revered" afternoon supervisor gave a long, long, terribly boring speech. I didn't bother much about it, though. I was too busy discussing with Josephine and etc. how to make a suitable entrance. Debate was next after the speech. They (the debators) seemed to have become shouting fans though. There was very little proper speech...mostly shouting.(Especially by Jia Win) Plus, the title of the debate seemed to have shifted to"The Meaning of Fabulous" rather than "Credit Cards Bring About Fabulous Changes in Our Lives".
Before us was Form 1 mini-sketch. To me, they mostly mumbled their lines (no offence to those concerned). I loved the scene where Yee Hong changed her clothes! Once their sketch was over came out turn. I was nervous by that time! I was worrying about so many things like whether my voice would be too screechy, what if I forgot my lines, how to switch the mike on and off etc. etc. Well, it didn't turn out to be that bad. Sareeka provided a few much-needed laughs and between all of us we only forgot a few lines.
Yesterday was also "Day of the Disappearing Comb". Believe or not, I lost my comb 2 times that day! The first time was when we came down the stage after finishing. I had dropped it on the stairs and only managed to find it after a frantic search (aided by Ying Xin). The second time was when we returned to class. I had left it in the hall and had to enlist Minrui and Ying Xin to help me. How remarkably unlucky! Did my comb really have to take a holiday on that particular day?
I'm gonna miss 2A3! *wails*

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Harlo! I'm getting lazy...keke.
I've just changed my blogskin as the previous one had exceeded photobucket bandwidth or some other crap of that sort. Couldn't bear all those stupid signs telling me to update to "pro", or whatever that stupid thing is. Hope y'all like this new skin!
Ok, so I got the 13th in the form. Unlucky number! At least it got me into the class I wanted. But what a pity I'll be seperated from most of my friends! Dear 2A3 ' 2009...there's no other class quite like it. I'll miss all my classmates! Especially "mama", small-K, YZ, Sareeka (lately she likes to say "Rubbish" a lot!), Minrui and so on. Oh my. 3 more precious days left of 2A3... I feel like howling. 3 more days before the final seperation! Golly gee, you can all be assured that I'll treasure these 3 days.
Here's to some of my 2A3 friends...I can't name the whole class for lack of patience and stamina at the keyboard.
Minrui> You rank among the best! I'll miss you next year. Thanks so much for being my friend!
Chia Yi a.k.a.mama> Mama I love you! XD.Hope we can keep in touch next year!
Small-K > You're narcissistic, irritating and a supreme know-it-all, but you helped me lots of times! One boy that I can actually have a good chat with without losing my cool too often.
Yi Zhuang > A sweet friend if there ever was one. Good luck!
Sareeka > One of the funniest. The word "rubbish" never leaves her mouth! You're great, girl!
Fatin > Thanks for your support. You'll always be a friend!
Kim Anne a.k.a. little Ane > A greedy little pig when it comes to food. Supreme at acting. You're nice!
Ling Xin > Can't imagine 2A3 without you. Cheers!
Ying Xin > You're a great monitor and an understanding friend.
Josephine > You're a girl so don't be so violent. Be a little more feminine! I'll remember you!
And the list goes on...
Special mention for the teachers! (Wonder if I'll be sued for this?)
Firstly, thanks to all of them!
BM ( Ms. Wong) > A good teacher! But please make your lessons be a little more interesting. Thanks for letting us practice mini-sketch in the class! And for the drama-acting!
BC (Ms. Tang)> Interesting lessons! Keep up the good work. Sorry for making you so angry recently...
BI ( Mdm. Deishi) > You're one of the best teachers I've ever met! Nobody's ever bored during your lessons! Lastly, thanks for organizing many interesting activities for us after the exams!
MT (Pn. Yeoh) > I know I'm terrible at this subject. I'll try my best next year, teacher!
SC ( Pn. Ng) >We always made you angry 'cause we talked so much. Sorry, teacher. I loved your stories!
KH ( Pn Muniroh)> You tried your best!
( Pn, Rani)> You teach well. I understood everything you taught!
( Pn. Tham)> Your teaching method ranks among the most interesting! Your lessons were always much-anticipated!
SV (Pn. Chai) > Good job done!
SJ ( Pn, Indira) > You gave good notes! I was able to revise well.
GF ( Pn. Lim) > Same with Pn. Indira
SN ( Ms. Ng) > I haven't known you for very long. But you're certainly dedicated while teaching!
PJ ( Mr. Tan) > Physical, torture, huh? Thanks for your good intentions - wanting to make us all into healthy, fit people. But please remember not everyone's stamina is as good as yours!
Thank you so much each and every member of 2A3!

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Hello, guys! I have learnt a few important lessons today.
1. "Freedom of speech" is non-existent for students.
2. Sluts will stoop to anything to frame people they dislike.They rank among the lowest of the low.
3. Generally, people under 18 years of age are denied basic human rights especially freedom of speech.

I know I'm gonna get demerited for what I just wrote. Cheerios, everyone! Wish me luck.
And by the way, I'm going mental. Bye guys! See you all in Tanjung Rambutan in a few years' time.

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